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Advanced Technology of Electric Vehicles

Integrates safety, energy saving, riding comfort, battery management and motor control

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Through commercial EVs, we contribute to the environmental improvement and development of economy, and make people happier in the Philippines.



Our company introduces the E-trikes, which can promote the lifestyle of E-trike’s drivers and realize the safety and comfortability of passengers. Through our business, we promote the development of manufacturing industry, and at the same time we decrease the dependence on imported fossil fuels and offer clean and fresh air. We realize the happiness of people in the Philippines with our eco- friendly products and services.

Privacy Policy

1. A collection, utilization and offer of the personal information

BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines Inc. (following our company) collect personal information of the customers and uses the personal information we collected to do business and offer the service with them. The specific examples of purpose of use are as follows.

  • To conduct office work about the business with the visitor about the guidance of invitation, the sale and the service
  • To confirm the person himself or the agent of the person
  • For the research and development of the service by a marketing research, data analysis and the enforcement of questionnaires
  • Or others, to carry out the business with the visitor adequately and smoothly

In addition, we disclose and do not offer the personal information we collected to the third party who does not get the consent of the visitors.

2. Appropriate management of the personal information

We manage the personal information of the visitor appropriately not to happen the loss, destruction, manipulation, leak, unauthorized access by establishing security measures

3. The compliances such as laws and ordinances about the personal information

We deal with the Personal information of the visitor by observing laws and ordinances, and the guidelines on Personal Information Protection Laws.

4. Deposition of the personal information

We may entrust the handling about the personal information outside to do business and offer the service with the visitor. When we entrust your information, we conduct the conclusion of the contract and inspection of the situation of enforcement to secure the appropriate handling.

5. Disclosure, correction and deletion of the personal information.

When a visitor demands collations, corrections, deletions of our contents about his or her own personal information, the visitor needs to contact our receptionist.

6. Maintenance and improvement of protecting the personal information

We conduct employee education, check the situation of the handing carefully, and review actions of the personal information protection and keep improving it, in order to conduct the handling of the personal information of the visitor appropriately.


When there are disclosure requests from the public institutions such as court, police department based on laws and ordinances, we may offer it to the public institution concerned.

BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines Inc. may revise the above-mentioned policy. In that case, I notify you of all revisions on this homepage.





With the reliability and technological skills that have been passed down and expertized throughout our company's long history, we send only the best quality.

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