BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines, Inc. is a domestic subsidiary of BEMAC Corporation, a pioneer in Japanese electric vehicle industry. BEMAC Corporation developed over 50 different models that ran on public roads for more than 15 years in Japan. BEMAC brings this legacy of innovation to the Philippines.

BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines Incorporated opened in March 13, 2013 introducing its AC-motor and lithium-ion powered electric tricycles. BEMAC electric vehicles differentiate themselves in the industry as they incorporate a proprietary vehicle control unit (VCU) alongside the battery management system (BMS), inverter and motor controller.

The arrival of BEMAC EVs marked the beginning of an era for reliable electric vehicles with an equally reliable after-sales service and technical support.


bemac main office

BEMAC Corporation

BEMAC Corporation formerly Uzushio Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1946 as one of the few companies in Shikoku, Japan to develop their own hardware and software, and to provide electrical systems in ships and various power plants. The company received recognition from both domestic and abroad because of its advanced technology and world-class quality. Part of the company's product innovation is the Electric Vehicle development that started in 1998. Through their vast experience and technical expertise accumulated over the years, BEMAC is now becoming one of the electronics leader of the 21st century.

bemac uzushio headquarters